Alexa, Play 1019 The Wave

There is a new way to listen to 101.9 The Wave at home or at work!

Whether you have an Amazon Echo or Google Home you can listen to 101.9 The Wave  in your house, your basement or your she-shed!

If you have an Amazon Echo all you need to do is say to Alexa…

Alexa, play 101 9 The Wave

If you have Google Home, 101.9 The Wave will play through your TuneIn App. Just say…

Hey Google, Play 101 9 The Wave

Once you have our 101.9 The Wave app on your iPhone all you have to do is say…

Hey Siri, Open the 101 9 the Wave App

If you haven’t already, down the app for free for iPhone and Android!

You can even set your Alexa alarm to wake up with the Wave.  Just say  “Hey Alexa, set my alarm to ________ (insert time) to 101 9 The Wave”