Kevin Hilley

I’ve been on-air for the better part of 40 years, mostly in mornings. I’ve worked at stations in my native New Jersey (insert “Sopranos” joke here)……as well as Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, New York and too many other places to mention.

I arrived in Mid-Missouri in 2002 with my wife Donna and three kids in tow and decided that this is a pretty nice place to call home. I’m a rabid Philadelphia Eagles fan (yeah, I BLEED green) and also love my Phillies. I admit I’m a ”geek” and get into anything computer or technology-related. And yes, I’ve even been to a couple of Star Trek conventions. Is it any wonder I didn’t date till I got to college?

If you dare, check out my scary HAIR picture from 1981…and YES, it’s real!

Some favorites of mine:


The Blues Brothers, Forrest Gump, Planes, Trains and AutomobilesThat Thing You Do!, The Ten Commandments, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Independence Day, The Sound Of Music, too many others…

TV shows

Mad MenThe Big Bang Theory, Yellowstone, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and more I’m sure I’ve forgotten. I really like documentaries too, especially all the Ken Burns stuff.


Favorite artists include Billy JoelBruno Mars and too many others. Plus, I’m a Beatles NUT and a Classic Rock fan (Aerosmith, Stones, Foreigner). My musical tastes are pretty varied, though. In my collection you’ll find everything from Frankie Valli to The Sound Of Music. Disco? 70’s? Oldies? Yup, I like it all.


If I could only have one meal for the rest of my life, I would probably pick spaghetti. I also love crabs, shrimp (especially grilled- mmmmm) and other seafood. Plus you can never go wrong with a big ‘ol steak (medium well, thank you). Can’t live without coffee, of course! My two favorite candies are Twizzlers and Starburst. I can also go through a box of Russell Stover caramels pretty quickly. Doritos (Cool Ranch) and brownies are great too. My favorite cookies are Oatmeal Raisin.

Random stuff

I’m Armenian on my mom’s side and Irish on my dad’s. I know- strange combination. People ask me, “Did your parents meet right off the boat or what?”

I love politics and if you have a couple hours, will be glad to tell you what I think. 

My dream trip would be a couple weeks across Ireland and England.

I think you’ll like my Youtube channel. Got some interesting (some might say “strange”) stuff there.

 Do I love what I do? As far as I’m concerned, there’s NO better way in the world to make a living!