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This week’s questions

Monday August 8

Q: 12 people have done it and the youngest is now 86 years old. What was it?
A: walked on the Moon

Tuesday, August 9

Q: One in three people say they keep an extra one of these in their car. What?
A: pants

Last week’s questions

Monday, August 1

Kevin on vacation
No question

Tuesday, August 2

Q: Though most people frown upon it, 6 percent of people believe it’s fine to do this. What is it?
A: pee in the pool

Wednesday, August 3

Q: According to surveys, this is the thing people are least likely to take with them when they move. What?
A: books

Thursday, August 4

Q: 20 percent of adults say they wouldn’t be able to do this if they had to today. What is it?
A: pass a written drivers test

Friday, August 5

Q: Though it might not be meant that way, more than half of people consider this to be a compliment. What?
A: being called “cheap”