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This week’s questions

Monday, May 16

Q: 92% of people have at least one kind of this in their fridge right now. What is it?
A: cheese

Last week’s questions

Monday, May 9

Q: By the time they turn 28, the average American will have done this six times. What is it?
A: changed jobs

Tuesday, May 10

Q: One third of women admit they do this because they’re bored. What?
A: dye their hair

Wednesday, May 11

Q: The star of this film was warned by a director to be wary of people wanting to fight him in real life after the movie became a hit. Which movie was it?
A: The Karate Kid (Ralph Macchio)

Thursday, May 12

Q: Though this country only gets 15 to 20 snowy days per year, they have more than 400 words for snow in their language. What country is it?
A: Scotland

Friday, May 13

Q: Two thirds of women say this makes a man undateable. What is it?
A: a ponytail!