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Get your brain firing on all cylinders each morning by answering a fun and challenging question!  

We’ll reward you with delicious Andy’s Frozen Custard!

This week’s questions

Monday, November 23

Q: A recent survey ranking the most important inventions of all time listed electricity at the top. What was #2 on the list?
A: vaccines

Tuesday, November 24

Q: A young Whitney Houston turned down a role on an iconic TV series to instead pursue a music career. What show was it?
A: “The Cosby Show”. She was offered the role of Cosby daughter Sondra.

Wednesday, November 25

Q: The average American makes this purchase about once every two and a half years. What?
A: new car tires

Thursday, November 26

Thanksgiving 🦃
No question

Friday, November 27

Q: It recently became the most watched video on Youtube with more than 7 billion plays, surpassing Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito”. What video is it?
A: Baby Shark

Last week’s questions

Monday, November 16

Q: 25 percent of Millennials have never been to this place? Where?
A: a bank

Tuesday, November 17

Q: 75 of these are sold every second around the world. What?
A: McDonalds hamburgers

Wednesday, November 18

Q: 3 out of 4 men say they are always in charge of this in their relationship. What is it?
A: the tv remote

Thursday, November 19

Q: Franklin D Roosevelt was the first President to do this. He did it in 1939. What was it?
A: appeared on TV
(as part of a broadcast from the 1939 World’s Fair in New York)

Friday, November 20

Q: When asked to name the most boring household chore they could think of, what was the #1 answer people gave?
A: ironing


  1. love your morning trivia…I will ask the question for my coworkers and see what replies I get. I missed the answer to one morning and I can not find the answer…Please help! The question was what item is most needed in a dorm room?

  2. The answer was “energy drinks”! Thanks for listening and playing along!

  3. Bull shark

  4. I heard the trivia question this morning. Uranus, MO is a real city. I went to Springfield last weekend and went through there.

  5. Hi Sheri- Yes, Uranus is there but it’s not a real municipality. It’s in an unincorporated part of Pulaski County and it’s name is pretty much a tourist thing. Thanks for checking in!

  6. when are you going to post the answers for the trivia??
    you’re about a week behind. I listen to the question but I can’t be there at 8:00 sometimes for the answers

  7. They’re all there now. We had a website issue for a couple days but it’s all straightened out now. Thanks for listening!

  8. Where is today’s (Mon 12/9) Wake-Up Trivia question on the website? I enjoy sharing them with the office.

  9. Thanks for bringing it to our attention! Didn’t notice it wasn’t there…and THANKS for listening!

  10. Denis E Siefert

    Good Morning! Thanks for continuous great music and hosts! I’d like to register my wife’s birthday if I could. Her name is Kim Siefert and her birthday is July 19th, 1956. (She’s 64 this year though she sure doesn’t look it!) Thanks again for awesome entertainment!

  11. Will do, Denis- and THANKS for the kind words!

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