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Wave Wake-Up Trivia

Get your brain firing on all cylinders each morning by answering a fun and challenging question!  

We’ll reward you with with a pair of Marcus movie passes!

This week’s questions

Monday, November 18

Kevin off
No question

Last week’s questions

Monday, November 11

Q: Half of people admit their feelings get hurt when people don’t compliment them on their new…what?
A: glasses

Tuesday, November 12

Q: Three of the 30 most watched TV finales have happened since 2000. They were “Friends” and “Frasier” in 2004 and… which one in 2005?
A: “Everybody Loves Raymond”

Wednesday, November 13

Q: Americans spend $36.4 billion on this each year. What is it?
A: tips!

Thursday, November 14

Q: The average person will eat more than 3,100 of these in their lifetime. What?
A: bananas

Friday, November 15

Q: It’s the most common item left behind in hotel rooms. What is it?
A: a phone charger


  1. love your morning trivia…I will ask the question for my coworkers and see what replies I get. I missed the answer to one morning and I can not find the answer…Please help! The question was what item is most needed in a dorm room?

  2. The answer was “energy drinks”! Thanks for listening and playing along!

  3. Bull shark

  4. I heard the trivia question this morning. Uranus, MO is a real city. I went to Springfield last weekend and went through there.

  5. Hi Sheri- Yes, Uranus is there but it’s not a real municipality. It’s in an unincorporated part of Pulaski County and it’s name is pretty much a tourist thing. Thanks for checking in!

  6. when are you going to post the answers for the trivia??
    you’re about a week behind. I listen to the question but I can’t be there at 8:00 sometimes for the answers

  7. They’re all there now. We had a website issue for a couple days but it’s all straightened out now. Thanks for listening!

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