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State Regulators Wait for Legislative Guidance on Sports Betting

It’s up to the Missouri legislature now whether we have sports gambling in the state.

A U.S. Supreme Court ruling this week wiped out a federal law barring betting on most sports.

Ed Grewach with the Missouri Gaming Commission says regulators have been preparing for this. They’ve been attending trainings and studying how other states approach it, especially Nevada.

“It’s a rather elaborate regulatory framework that Nevada has, and if we were called on to regulate we would probably begin with their framework, compare it to our statutory mandate and what we would think would work for us.”

State lawmakers have three bills pending tied to sports betting, but the legislative session ends this week. Grewach says the gaming commission has to wait to see what bill passes, before working on regulations like whether you could place a sports bet on your smartphone.

“Do we have to adopt some method of geolocation to determine that you are, in fact, in the state of Missouri when you place the wager? We just look for direction from the legislature and would draft regulations to carry out their directives.”

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