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Shawn Mendes Hinting at New Album

Shawn Mendes keeps dropping hints about his next studio album, and his latest tease is the biggest yet.

On Monday, the singer took to social media to promote his next record, with one simple – but very telling – photo of a giant billboard in what appears to be New York City, with his face on it. The billboard reads, “Shawn Mendes Coming Soon.”

While the singer hasn’t shared any specific message alongside the photo, or officially announced the name of his third record, the billboard tease could mean that Mendes’ next album is going to be self-titled.

Mendes previously posted a blank canvas image and updated his profile picture to be the same tan background color with flowers as its focal point, and cleared his website so it, too, is a blank slate, so maybe we can expect an album drop, or official announcement any day now.

Shawn will be on the Late Late Show with James Corden on Wednesday, March 28th.

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