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P!nk Forced to Cancel Another Concert while Battling the Flu

P!nk canceled another concert this weekend after battling the flu.

“I’m not going to be well enough to do the show tomorrow night in Detroit. I want to give you all the full show and not be hacking all the way through it and have to cut songs because of my voice,” P!nk wrote on Twitter on Saturday about Sunday night’s show in Detroit, Michigan.

“I understand how much trouble you go to to be at my shows, what it entails, the planning, the schedules, etc. I am very very sorry, and I’m very grateful for your understanding. I will absolutely do this show at a later date, and it will be the full show. Again, I’m very sorry and have tried so damn hard to avoid this. All my love.”

P!nk also had the flu back in February when she sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl.

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