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Matchbox Twenty Offering Virtual Reality Concert Experience

Matchbox Twenty and SwivelVR have teamed up for what is billed as the “first fan-controlled virtual reality experience.” The collaboration will be for the band’s live concert on October 4th from Denver.

SwivelVR allows users to watch and control the 4K VR 360 and/or 2D 360 Matchbox Twenty experience. Viewers use a hands-free menu to interact and alter what they watch. Fans will also be able to take snapshots of the show to save or share on social media.

Virtual reality glasses are not required to participate. The experience is also compatible with iPad, Apple Airplay with AppleTV, or a streaming dongle to watch on the TV.

Download the free SwivelVR app and receive a free multi camera song experience from Matchbox Twenty’s tour launch in Spokane.

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