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Jason Mraz Wants to be the Next Mr. Rogers

Jason Mraz says he sees his future in the music industry as fulfilling a role similar to the one played by the beloved children’s TV host Mr. Rogers.

Speaking to the Shreveport Times, Jason says, “As I get older – I’m 40 now – I can’t imagine myself being in the competitive music market much longer. I just feel like it’s a young man’s life. But I’m grateful that I have a great audience that’s been very loyal to me so I’ll always be touring and always putting music out, but doing it in a more scaled down way that affords me more time with my family.”

According to Jason, he’d also like to get more involved with the arts programs for kids that he’s funded through his charitable foundation. His goal, he says, is create more programs “that can cause peace in the world through arts education and the advancement of equality.”

Summing up his ambitions, Jason says, “I guess what I’m saying is what I want to be in the future is a ‘Mr. Rogers.’ I want to help people tap into their feelings and use my music for good.”

The first step, he says, is a new single he’s got planned called “Have It All” – the video will involve some of the kids who’ve participated in those arts education programs. No release date for the single has been announced.

The two-time Grammy-winning musician kicked off his national tour, An Evening with Jason Mraz, Solo Acoustic, earlier this month.

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