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Wave Wake-Up Trivia

Get your brain firing on all cylinders each morning by answering a fun and challenging question!  

We’ll reward you with with a $25 certificate to Michael’s Steak Chalet!

This week’s questions

Monday, July 17

Q: A recent study revealed that over the past three centuries, these has gotten 700% larger. What?
A: wine glasses

Tuesday, July 18

Q: 60% of women enjoy this while 30% of men fear it. What is it?
A: dancing

Wednesday, July 19

Q: A new study shows that on average, men do this 29 seconds faster than women. What is it?
A: change a diaper

Thursday, July 20

Q: Two people who should know described it as smelling like “wet ashes in a fireplace” and “gunpowder”. What is it?
A: the moon (specifically, lunar materials)

Friday, July 21

Q: In the novel “Forrest Gump”, Forrest is 6’6”, 242 pounds. The author says he pictured what actor to play Forrest Gump in a movie?
A: John Goodman

Last week’s questions

Monday, July 10

Q: This company was in talks to buy Facebook in 2004, but felt that Mark Zuckerberg’s price of $75 million was too much. What company was it?
A: MySpace

Tuesday, July 11

Q: According to a survey in Fitness Magazine, one third of people say they’d rather not do this while at the gym. What?
A: sweat

Wednesday, July 12

Q: The average person replaces this household item about every 10 years. What is it?
A: vacuum cleaner

Thursday, July 13

Q: More than a billion people around the world watched this on this day in 1985. What was it?
A: Live Aid

Friday, July 14

Q: 75% of people get suspicious when their significant other does this. What is it?
A: buys them flowers

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