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Wave Wake-Up Trivia

Get your brain firing on all cylinders each morning by answering a fun and challenging question!  

We’ll reward you with with a certificate to Michael’s Steak Chalet and a pair of movie passes to the Marcus Wehrenberg Theatres!

This week’s questions

Monday, May 22

Q: 90% of people say it’s been 10 years since they were at this place. Where?
A: the library

Tuesday, May 23

Q: Experts say a chimpanzee’s ability to do this is a sign of intelligence. What is it?
A: throwing feces! (the more accurate the throw, the stronger his brain)

Wednesday, May 24

Q: More than 85% of married couples say doing this daily activity together actually improves their relationship. What is it?
A: cooking

Thursday, May 25

Q: Dick Clark, Sammy Davis Jr., Bruce Lee and Jerry Lewis were among others who made cameos on the old 60’s Batman TV series. How did they appear?
A: thru an open window while Batman & Robin did a “batwalk” up the wall

Last week’s questions

Monday, May 15

Q: This famous French landmark was built in 1190 as a fortress in case the Vikings ever raided the country. What is it?
A: The Louvre (it didn’t become a museum until 1793)

Tuesday, May 16

Q: 75% of men won’t let their wife near this. What?
A: the grill

Wednesday, May 17

Q: 70% of people admit to doing this after they eat. What is it?
A: licking their fingers

Thursday, May 18

Q: There are 6 of these in the US and only 18 more in the rest of the world. What?
A: time zones

Friday, May 19

Q: 10% of people say they’d rather smell like a skunk for 6 months if they could avoid doing this. What is it?
A: paying taxes

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