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Wave Wake-Up Trivia

Get your brain firing on all cylinders each morning by answering a fun and challenging question!  

We’ll reward you with with a pair of Marcus Wehrenberg movie passes!

This week’s questions

Monday, August 13

Q: Despite advances in many career fields, only 6% of women do this for a living. What is it?
A: trucker

Tuesday, August 14

Q: About 50% of Millennials expect this will happen to them. What is it?
A: they’ll become millionaires

Wednesday, August 15

Q: This famous painting was actually one of a series of 16 paintings used to advertise a cigar company. What painting is it?
A: dogs playing cards

Thursday, August 16

Q: A recent study suggests that women with this might give birth to smarter kids. What is it?
A: a big butt (it’s thought the extra omega 3 fatty acids contribute to baby’s brain growth).

Friday, August 17

Q: On average, parents spend about $800 a year on this. What?
A: allowance

Last week’s questions

Monday, August 6

Q: In a recent survey, 6% of people said they eat this EVERY DAY. What?
A: fried chicken

Tuesday, August 7

Q: Over the course of their life, the average person spends $324,000 on this. What is it?
A: impulse purchases!

Wednesday, August 8

Q: Believe it or not, this is our top export to China. What is it?
A: garbage! (We send more cargo containers of waste to China than anything else.)

Thursday, August 9

Q: 15% of people say you can consider yourself an adult when you buy this for the first time. What is it?
A: insurance

Friday, August 10

Q: More than 1/3 of wedding DJ’s say they’ve seen this occur at a wedding. What?
A: a fistfight

Friday, June 29

Q: Almost one third of women say they’ve dated a guy for this seemingly superficial reason. What was it?
A: his hair


  1. love your morning trivia…I will ask the question for my coworkers and see what replies I get. I missed the answer to one morning and I can not find the answer…Please help! The question was what item is most needed in a dorm room?

  2. The answer was “energy drinks”! Thanks for listening and playing along!

  3. Bull shark

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