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Wave Wake-Up Trivia

Get your brain firing on all cylinders each morning by answering a fun and challenging question!  

We’ll reward you with with a certificate to Michael’s Steak Chalet and a pair of movie passes to the Marcus Wehrenberg Theatres!

This week’s questions

Monday, April 24

Q: A survey of 2,000 single women found that 75% of them don’t want the man to do this. What is it?
A: pick out the engagement ring

Tuesday, April 25

Q: When you see the word “honey wagon” in movie credits, what is it referring to?
A: waste disposal services or “porta-potties”

Wednesday, April 26

Q: Most people are willing to wait up to 28 minutes for this. What?
A: a table at a good restaurant

Thursday, April 27

Q: In a recent survey, when asked to describe their spouse in one word, “sweet” was the #1 response. What was second?
A: “stubborn”

Friday, April 28

Q: This singer was reportedly so focused on singing since she was young that she hasn’t read a book since she was six years old. Who is it?
A: Adele

Last week’s questions

Monday, April 17

Q: In October 1982, Billy Joel’s “52nd Street” became the first album in history to claim this honor. What was it?
A: It was released on CD (in Japan).

Tuesday, April 18

Q: People do this on Tuesday more than any other day of the week. What?
A: eat dinner at home

Wednesday, April 19

Q: Scientists say this has 40 times as many germs as a public restroom. What is it?
A: buttons on an elevator

Thursday, April 20

Q: On average, you’ll forget this at least once a day. What is it?
A: what day of the week it is

Friday, April 21

Q: About half of the US population has one of these- and two thirds of them hate it. What is it?
A: a nickname

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