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Wave Wake-Up Trivia

Get your brain firing on all cylinders each morning by answering a fun and challenging question!  

We’ll reward you with with a pair of Marcus Wehrenberg movie passes!

This week’s questions

Monday, September 17

Q: At any given moment, you can say this of about 0.7% of the world’s population or approximately 50 million people. What is it?
A: they’re drunk!

Tuesday, September 18

Q: Uma Thurman, Gwyneth Paltrow and Wynona Ryder were among the actresses considered for this famous movie role before the lead went to someone else. What movie was it?
A: “Titanic” – the role of Rose went to Kate Winslet

Wednesday, September 19

Q: 40 percent of people who own this very expensive item never use it. What is it?
A: a law degree

Thursday, September 20

Q: On this day in 2010, a TV show that had lasted for 54 years came to an end. What show was it?
A: As The World Turns

Friday, September 21

Q: Estimates say that between parts and labor, it would cost about $878 million dollars to build this famous structure today. What is it?
A: The Great Pyramid of Giza

Last week’s questions

Monday, September 10

Q: The average couple is twice as likely to argue about this on a Monday than any other day of the week. What ?
A: food or dinner

Tuesday, September 11

Q: In a recent survey, a majority of people said they wish they had paid more attention to math in high school. What subject was #2?
A: foreign language

Wednesday, September 12

Q: Which creature lays 56,000 eggs at a time?
A: octopus (the babies are the size of a grain of rice)

Thursday, September 13

Q: American consumers spend about two billion dollars a year to combat this. What?
A: bad breath


  1. love your morning trivia…I will ask the question for my coworkers and see what replies I get. I missed the answer to one morning and I can not find the answer…Please help! The question was what item is most needed in a dorm room?

  2. The answer was “energy drinks”! Thanks for listening and playing along!

  3. Bull shark

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