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Taylor Swift Gives More Updates on ‘Reputation’ Tour

Taylor Swift is days away from launching the Reputation Stadium Tour and she has been updating fans with cool new details about the tour every day.

In her latest update, the singer revealed that the stage for the show will be the biggest she’s ever had for a tour and that the floor of the stage is a video screen that will look amazing from the upper levels of the stadium.

“The stage is the biggest stage we’ve ever had. It’s 110 feet tall,” she said. “And both of the B stages in the audience are pretty much just as big as the main stage was on the 1989 Tour.”

“The thing about this stage that we’ve never had before, it’s got a video screen wall that’s pretty seamless and that continues onto the floor,” Taylor added.

Taylor also revealed the special backstage room that is called the “Rep Room.” “There’s always a room that I have backstage. During the show we always pick people to come after the show to say ‘hi’ and go to this room,” she said in an Instagram Stories video.

Taylor has also been sharing rehearsal shots.


12 days til Reputation Stadium Tour!!!

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