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Severe weather

Monday was a noisy night weather-wise across mid Missouri.

A line of storms did heavy damage in the Kansas city area with storm sirens also sounding in Sedalia, Columbia and the Lake. Tornadoes were indicated by radar over central Columbia… just south of Osage Beach, and just north of Sedalia. A few trees were toppled, some trailers and outbuildings suffered damage and were flipped over and power lines came down in Columbia causing isolated power outages.

The national Weather Service says tornadoes struck several areas of western Missouri…mostly in the suburbs of Kansas City. Heavy damage to several homes is reported in Oak Grove.

The tornado warning in Columbia temporarily broke up a meeting of the city council. About 100 people evacuated the council chambers and crowded into a safe room in the basement of city hall. The break lasted about 20 minutes before the all clear was sounded.

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