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Light Up the Night Thursday on the Bagnell Dam

Light up the Night is a community awareness event to honor of crime victims and will be held on the Bagnell Dam this Thursday, April 12th.

Attendees will release helium balloons with colored glow sticks in the awareness color of the crime victim you wish to represent. Balloons will be available for child abuse (blue), Parents of Murdered Children (white), domestic violence (purple), sexual violence (teal), and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (red). Advocates for victims of crime will present stories of crime impact and provide resources for those who have been affected. The event will conclude, after approximately one hour, with the release of hundreds of balloons over Bagnell Dam in Lake Ozark. T-shirts will be distributed in advance, to interested participants. Arrival to the event in the pre-distributed T-shirt will guarantee receipt of an awareness balloon as well as other resources.

The 4th annual Light Up the Night is being held to coincide National Crime Victims’ Rights Week (April 8-14). The focus of this project is to magnify the prevention of crime in the community. Light Up the Night is not a fundraising event. In order to provide the event to the community free of charge, event organizers are requesting sponsorships from supporting organizations. A $100 sponsor will receive their company name or business on the T-shirt and a $250 sponsor will receive their business logo on the shirt. Other monetary donations are being accepted. Sponsorships are requested with urgency to allow time for formal recognition to be printed on the shirts.

The event is sponsored by the Camden County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, the Miller County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Citizens Against Domestic Violence, Ameren Missouri, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Kids’ Harbor and Parents of Murdered Children.

For more information, visit the Light Up The Night Event Facebook Page.

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