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Kelly Clarkson Talks Parenting and The Voice

Kelly Clarkson has 4 kids and says wine is her special trick for handling all the chaos.During an appearance at the Television Critics Association on behalf of The Voice, Clarkson discussed motherhood and staying sane despite the challenges of raising kids: “They are challenging. Wine is necessary. They’re great though. Out of the mouths of babes. They say stuff where you’re like ‘Damn.’ They call you out. They teach me,” she said.

Clarkson has two children with her husband Brandon Blackstock and she’s the stepmother to two other children. The original American Idol winner said she learns as much from her kids as they learn from her and Blackstock, “I know it sounds silly but kids teach you to be a better human. They’re watching every moment, not only me at home but me sitting here with y’all. I hope with our two boys and our two girls that they see their parents as successful, loving and respectful people ‘cause that’s what we want for them,”

Kelly added the best lesson she can teach her kids is to follow their dreams, wherever they lead, “I’m going to teach my kids to do what they love, regardless if they’re the most famous person doing it,” she said. “Love what you do. Love who you work with and don’t work with people you don’t and don’t do things you don’t love.”

Meanwhile, when The Voice returns for season 14 on February 26th, it will be with an American Idol in tow – Kelly Clarkson has joined the cast as a coach.

Kelly said it was being a coach that drew her to The Voice, “I get to be a part of a team and not just judge [the singers] and just say stuff, I get to actually be involved with them and cultivate their career and where they want to go and help them navigate this competition. “I think that’s my favorite part, is that I get to be a coach, ‘cause I’ve been asked to be a judge on things, and I don’t want to be a judge. I always feel sh*tty afterwards.”

And, if you spot Clarkson in Target, go ahead and say hi. She won’t mind, “It’s that cool moment when someone in Target comes up to me and says ‘Oh my god I’ve been singing all my life.’ It’s a really cool thing to be a part of.”

The nature of The Voice, with its emphasis on blind auditions, makes the show special for Kelly, “That’s why America loves it – because at the core people do love talent over just aesthetics all the time, and it is based off merit. “We happen to be sexy as hell but that’s just our cross to bear.”

Kelly, who has known The Voice’s resident enemy coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton for years, was asked if her old pals were helping her out, “Hell no. They’re a competitive bunch. Right off the bat.  No, they are not helping me at all!”

Clarkson promised plenty of comedy gold can be found in watching the coaches try to persuade contestants to join their team. “We fight and are completely trying so desperately to win these people into our teams. It’s hilarious how much we grovel.”

Clarkson has wanted to be part of “Voice” for some time but the stork kept getting in the way, “I love this show. I’ve been trying to be a part of it (but) I was knocked up for three years.”

The focus on singing, not looks, suits Kelly just fine, “That really separates everything. It means something to me, because…I represent those people in this industry. I don’t fit the pop star image that maybe people expect all the time, but I am a pop star and this is the image that I, you know, exude, and that’s why this show really does compliment my desires for this industry.”

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