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Kelly Clarkson Practices Hosting her Own Talk Show

On The Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday, Ellen allowed guest Kelly Clarkson to take over as host as preparation for her upcoming gig hosting the Billboard Music Awards.

Kelly got her own desk, her own coffee mug and even her own theme sequence using her hit “Heartbeat Song.” She welcomed Ellen as her first guest and asked her a couple of questions, starting with, “If you had to pick your favorite person that’s ever come on this show, who would it be?”

Ellen then rattles off a bunch of names including Pink, Alicia Keys and Chris Hemsworth – but not Kelly, prompting her to exclaim, “SERIOUSLY?”

The two also participated in a bit on The Kelly Show called “Kelly’s Karaoke,” where they sang a duet of Kelly’s hit, “Since U Been Gone.”

Before her visit turned into The Kelly Show, Kelly chatted with Ellen about her recent birthday, where she got drunk and did an Escape Room. Kelly also talked about how her kids, River Rose and Remy, have started pushing each other around.

Kelly hosts the Billboard Music Awards on May 20th on NBC.

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