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Beyoncé Rumored to have 100 Dancers for Coachella Performance

Rumor has it that Beyoncé has increased her dancer count from about a dozen to 100 just ahead of Coachella festival. According to TMZ, Bey decided to increase the number last week and she is now using a larger studio to accommodate all of her dancers. They have also reportedly signed nondisclosure agreements. 

Aside from the many dancers, Bey’s Coachella set will also have lights, visuals and more. Bey is reportedly looking to wow fans more than usual since she was forced to cancel her Coachella set last year due to her pregnancy. 

It was previously reported that Beyoncé has been having 11-hour practices with security guards monitoring who enters the dance studio.

Bey will headline Coachella on April 14th and 21st.

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